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COVID-19 information for our workforce
| By Alliance Nursing

Have loads of questions about making the big move down under from the UK or Ireland? 

Like, how much you will earn, how the healthcare systems compare and who can help you with the move.

Sure, there’s beaches, blue skies and barbeques, but is it a sensible choice? 

Read on for the lowdown on how nursing compares between the UK, Ireland and Australia, starting with the all-important question: money.

How much will you earn?

If you are wondering how an Australian nurse's salary compares to the UK and Ireland, here is the big picture.

It’s difficult to give you exact figures because there are so many variables, like qualifications, experience and if the role is casual or full time.   

The bottom line is that the average hourly pay for registered nurses in Australia is up there with the best in the world. And if you work for an agency – like ours 😉 – you actually get paid above award. 

Then there are the other benefits like more manageable shifts, a better work-life balance and the chance to challenge yourself and experience a variety of interesting placements. With branches across Australia you can also choose where you work and travel around this great country.

But what about the working conditions?

The nurse-to-patient ratio

It’s worth looking at the nurse-to-patient ratio: as a way of measuring the pressure you could be under. 

UK            1:8
Ireland      1:6
Australia   1:4

As you can see Aussie nurses – working on a general hospital ward – generally have fewer patients to care for. That’s going to make life a little easier, which helps with day-to-day stress. It also means patient care is a little better down under. 

What about the hours?

Nursing: UK vs Ireland vs Australia

According to NursingNotes, UK nurses work an average of 37.5 hours a week. 

In Ireland, its 39 hours a week. 

In Australia, it’s around 40 hours a week. 

Or, when you work with us, you can choose how many hours you want to work, when and where. 

Read enough? You can register your details with us now and our team will be in touch to answer all your questions.

What about the UK’s NHS versus Australia’s Medicare?

The NHS vs Medicare

In 2019, the UK spent around 9.9% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP, or the UK’s total value of all goods and services produced).

By comparison, Australia spent slightly more on health, at around 10.2% of GDP. 

According to The Commonwealth Fund, Australia’s healthcare system is ranked third globally by performance, the UK fourth - the Netherlands in second and Norway in top spot. (Ireland is not in the top 10)

By the way: Australia introduced university-level education for nurses in the 1990s. Something not seen in the UK until after the turn of the century. Same with Continual Professional Development. Australia has enforced it since 2010 – the UK only in 2015. 

You’ll be working in a visionary industry.

What about the quality of life?

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, two of the top ten most liveable cities are in Australia: Melbourne at number 3, Sydney at number 4. 

According to the World Population Review, Australia is the 9th best country for quality of life. (Sorry: Ireland and the UK don’t rank anywhere near the top 10.)

Plus you know all about the beaches, the lifestyle, the laid-back, easy-going approach. 

Don’t forget about the bush and the outback. Australia has some fantastic regional, rural and remote nursing opportunities just waiting for the professional who wants to experience it all. 

And, of course, we’re here to help you – just as we’ve been helping place registered nurses (RN's), assistants in nursing (AIN’s), endorsed enrolled nurses (EENs) and specialist registered nurses for 70+ years, right across Australia.

Who can help me get there?

This is where we can help. 

We have a dedicated team of international recruitment consultants. 

They’re experts in supporting you through the entire process. From all your FAQ about nursing in Australia, like shifts, pay, nursing registration in Australia (AHPRA) and the induction process once you’ve arrived. You’ll also want to get across the visa options for nurses moving to Australia, including the Working Holiday Visa or a longer stay. 

The best thing is that they live locally in the UK and Ireland - so you're guaranteed to speak to someone in the daytime. Not the middle of the night!

And, yes: we can help you with sponsorship, if you have the right experience and skills. We can help midwives and Registered Nurses who are on the government’s skills shortage list make the move.

Our verdict: the UK vs Ireland vs Australia

There’s no doubting the lifestyle choices available in Australia. 

Snow, sand, sea, mountains, bush, tropics. It’s all here for you. 

But is it a sensible choice?

Well, we’re biased! But when you look at the figures, you’ll be better off financially - especially if you clock in more shifts. You’ll also be getting some solid experience working in a world-class healthcare system with easier working conditions. 

And working with a network of committed, compassionate professionals. 

Want to find out more? You can register your details with us now and our team will be in touch asap.

*(All currency estimates correct at time of writing.)