COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce

What you want to know.

How do I get booked for a shift?

Our team will always contact you to confirm a shift. Either by text or phone. Tell us how you want to be contacted. Enjoy one facility? Our allocators will get to know your preferences and we will always do our best to get you the shifts you want where you want them.

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How quickly can I start working for you?

You can start the process now. If you’ve got all your paperwork ready to go, you can start your first shift in about two weeks. Need some time to gather all your documents? No problem, just be aware your first shift will be a couple of weeks away.

How much will I get paid?

We know you go over and above the call of duty for your patients. And we do the same for you. We look at the bigger picture. Your qualifications. Your experience. And we get you the best rate that we can.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly. We currently pay all our nurses and health care professionals weekly.

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How far do I need to travel to shifts?

As far as you want. We’re as flexible as you are, speak to us about how far you want to travel. As a preferred supplier to a wide range of public and private facilities we have shifts available in most locations. But to get the best out of agency nursing be open to new opportunities. In metro areas, if you don’t have your own transport you may need to get public transport depending on the facilities you want to work at. Our team will get to know you and your preferences so we can do our best to get you shifts at the locations and facilities you want.

I don't have any experience, can I join your agency?

We put you at the heart of everything we do. And we want you to feel prepared for agency nursing. That’s why we usually ask for a minimum of six months paid experience. Our team are always pleased to hear from you, and we can give you some advice on how to get this experience.

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Is there a lot of work?

Yes. As a preferred supplier to many public and private hospitals and facilities we have a huge number and variety of shifts available. For most nursing and healthcare roles, you can choose when you want to work. Treat it like a fulltime job. Or pick and choose the shifts that suit you. Visit our role specific pages to find out more.

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Where are you based?

We have offices and local teams right across Australia. From Northern Queensland down South to Melbourne, Albury and Adelaide, Sydney in the East and right across to Perth. Our local teams can’t wait to speak to you and help you find the opportunities you’re looking for.

Can I get sponsorship?

Yes. If you have the right experience and skills. We can provide sponsorship opportunities to midwives and Registered Nurses who are on the government’s skills shortage list.

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