COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce

Grow your career with alliance nursing.

Registered Nurse

Carer. Mentor. Advocate. Confidante. Counsellor. You play so many roles in caring for patients.

Assistant In Nursing

Dedicated to supporting patients and other healthcare professionals. Let us help you.

Rural & Remote Nurse

You are the heartbeat of your community. Adaptable. Resilient. Dedicated.

Specialist Registered Nurse

You are the heartbeat of healthcare. Skilled. Passionate. Dedicated.

Aged Care Nurse

Compassionate. A strong sense of community. A passion for the sector.


It takes a special person to become a midwife.

Immunisation Nurse

Your professionalism, compassion and courage has never been more in the spotlight.

Enrolled nurse

You always go over and above the call of duty for your patients, their families and other healthcare professionals.


Hospitals & Facilities

A trusted partner. For over 70 years, we’ve helped organisations find the quality healthcare professionals they need, with specialist teams right across Australia.

Aged care

When you need aged care staffing support, you need it fast. And you need the right skills. Experienced, compassionate aged care nurses and health care professionals. We understand.

Community support

Our sister agency Alliance Community are experts in aged care and disability support and are a registered NDIS provider. Find out about work opportunities in this for purpose sector.

97% of nurses recommend us

Did you know? In a recent survey of almost 2000 of our nurses and healthcare professionals, an amazing 97% said they would recommend us.


Alliance Nursing was born of passion. Our story brings together a group of committed, compassionate professionals. Local agencies, built by nurses for nurses, now joining together under one banner. Yet still proud to maintain local connections. Together, we have a combined 140 years’ experience - our first agency was founded a remarkable 70 years ago.

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What you want to know.

Is there a lot of work?

Yes. As a preferred supplier to a large number of public and private hospitals and facilities we have a huge number and variety of shifts available. You choose when you want to work. Treat it like a fulltime job. Or pick and choose the shifts that suit you. To get the best out of agency nursing keep your availabilities up to date.

Where are you based?

We have offices and local teams right across Australia. From Northern Queensland down South to Melbourne, Albury and Adelaide, Sydney in the East and right across to Perth. Our local teams can’t wait to speak to you and help you find the opportunities you’re looking for.

How much will I get paid?

We know you go over and above the call of duty for your patients. And we do the same for you. We look at the bigger picture. Your qualifications. Your experience. And we get you the best rate that we can.

How quickly can I start working for you?

You can start the registration process now. If you’ve got all your paperwork ready to go, you can start your first shift in about two weeks. Need some time to gather all your documents? No problem, just be aware your first shift will be a couple of weeks away.

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Australia-Wide Agency Network.

National strength. Local focus. Alliance Nursing was born out of the passion of dedicated healthcare experts. Today, we offer a combined 140 years’ collective experience and a national network right across Australia. We know we provide Australia’s best team of nurses and healthcare professionals. So whether you’re looking to start a rewarding career as an agency nurse or need staffing solutions, we’re always pleased to hear from you. We also have a sister brand - Alliance Rural & Remote Health - which places nurses in regional roles, from bigger country-town hospitals to smaller bush clinics and rural healthcare facilities.

“Agency Nursing is great. You can pick and choose how much or how little you want to work. It’s so flexible.”

Amy, Registered Nurse