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| By Craig Gibson

With 25,760 kilometres (or 16,000 miles) of coastline, there’s no shortage of golden sand and warm water for you to enjoy. But where are the ‘best’ beaches in Australia?

For some, there’s only one iconic beach in Australia: Bondi Beach in Sydney. But when Tourism Australia announced their 10 Best Australian Beach Awards for 2023, Bondi wasn’t even on the list. A beach in South Australia was. And others in Victoria,Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory!

With this in mind, let’s see which made the cut – so you can explore the very best spots after you touchdown here.

Stoked to be number 1

Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island (Image: South Australian Tourism Commission)

Australia’s number one beach, according to Tourism Australia, is on Kangaroo Island. 

Just 70 miles southwest of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a nature-lover’s paradise. On its North Coast, you’ll find Stokes Bay: a stunning bay and beach, surrounded by hundreds of rare plants and animals. Oh, and keep an eye out for the gorgeous native orchids. And, yes: there’s plenty of work as a nurse in South Australia – you could even catch a ferry to Kangaroo Island for the weekend!

Boomerang Beach brings you back

Boomerang Beach, NSW (Image: VisitNSW)

Around 300 km north of Sydney, you’ll find the surfer’s delight of Boomerang Beach. And Australia’s number two beach. Brilliant sunrises. A great swell. And some wonderful rockpool rambles at low tide. 

There’s definitely more to New South Wales than Sydney! And we also have some great regional and rural nursing opportunities if you want to escape the bustle of the city.

A pot of gold at Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach, Queensland (mage: Flickr)

Further north, in Queensland, you’ll find Australia’s number three beach: Rainbow Beach, on the picture-perfect Cooloola Coast.

It’s the gateway to the world heritage-listed K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island), and the 41,000-hectare Cooloola National Park. Rippled with ancient sand dunes, fringed by sub-tropical rainforest. Sink your feet into the sand, swim in crystal clear waters, and marvel at the famous coloured sands. 

Why not become a local, and work on that tan? It's as easy as checking out the nursing jobs in Queensland’s Gold Coast or on the Sunshine Coast

A deeper dive...

Apollo Bay, Victoria (Image: Flickr)

So, that’s Australia’s East Coast. What about its south, north and west? Victoria comes in with beach number four: Apollo Bay. Apollo Bay’s south is protected by a harbour wall – ideal for a leisurely splash. Move further north, and it’s perfect for fishing and surfing. All surrounded by stunning, rolling green hills. 

Tasmania boasts two beaches in the top 10: the beautiful 7km long Adventure Bay, at number five; and the pristine British Admiral Beach at number eight. Then it’s across to the other side of the country for beach number six: Western Australia’s Hamlin Bay. Bright white sand, turquoise waters, and spectacular coastal cliff walks. There’s even a local shipwreck to explore. 

The word Bondi does make it into the top 10: the Northern Territory’s Baringura (or Little Bondi Beach), at number seven. And the list is rounded off by Christmas Island’s Flying Fish Cove and Sydney’s Balmoral Beach. 

But, what about...?

Balmoral Beach, NSW (Image: Wikipedia)

Any discussion of Australia’s best beaches is going to start a debate. 

What about Manly Beach? Cable Beach? Mooloolaba?! We hear you.The fact is, there are so many wonderful beaches all across Australia. You’ll need a lifetime to explore them all. The best way to do that? Work as a nurse, with the flexibility and options available with Alliance Nursing. We’ll help you all the way with practical advice on things like visas, qualifications and making the move here.

You can register your interest now, and get ready to dust off those flip flops, and break out the sunscreen! Australia’s - and some of the world’s - best beaches are waiting to be explored.