COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce
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Thinking of making the journey down under and working as a nurse in Australia?

It’s no secret we have plenty of beaches, sunshine, adventure and a pretty laid-back lifestyle – but it’s about much more than that! How about excellent pay rates and the chance to develop and grow your skills and career!

The good news is that healthcare jobs – and especially nurses - are very much in-demand in the land of Oz, a trend that is expected to continue, thanks in part to our ageing population and a shortage of skilled workers. 

If you are in the U.K or Ireland, here are five nursing jobs in Australia that are particularly in-demand.

Aged care nurses



As we mentioned, Australia has an ageing population, and some people have complex needs which need specialised care and attention.

As an aged care nurse you will be responsible for providing medical care and support to elderly patients in residential care facilities, nursing homes, community care facilities or as a home-based private nurse. Typical duties could include assisting with daily living, monitoring patient conditions, administering medications (Oral/IV/Injectable), wound /drainage care and providing emotional support to patients and their families.

Registered nurses


Registered nurses (RN’s) are often called the backbone of a healthcare system, and Australia is no exception. 

Like anywhere, registered nurses in Australia are responsible for providing frontline patient care in public and private hospitals. This includes giving patients medications, monitoring vital signs, and a thousand other crucial jobs that are too long to list here.

Critical care or ICU nurses



Critical care, and other specialist nurses are always in high demand, working in a high-pressure environment that is mentally and physically demanding. On the upside you will get amazing experience in this dynamic environment that is priceless for your career growth.

If you want to work as a critical care or ICU nurse in Australia you need to be a qualified registered nurse (RN) and have an advanced degree with a specialisation in critical care or intensive care.


Theatre and recovery nurses


Theatre nurses, also known as operating or perioperative nurses, are another sought after and in-demand profession in Australia. It’s another high-pressure environment where you have to provide care before, during and after patients undergo surgery. This could be in the pre-assessment phase, during the procedure, while they recover – and sometimes across more than one of these.

Employers typically want experience in scrub/scout, anaesthetics and recovery. In Australia you need to be a registered nurse (RN) or endorsed enrolled nurse (EEN) with at least a year’s experience to work in this environment. Many will go onto complete a specialist postgraduate qualification such as a Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing.


Mental health nurses


According to data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over 44 per cent of Australians (aged 16–85) will experience a mental disorder during their lifetime. Increasing levels of anxiety, psychological discomfort, and depression means there is high demand for mental health professionals, including nurses.

Thankfully, with a much-need focus on mental health and emotional health across society, more resources are being allocated to this by governments. Mental health nursing is a specialised field, with most Australian nurses completing a graduate or postgraduate diploma in mental health nursing after their undergraduate degree in nursing. Many mental health nurses then choose to specialise in a particular area, like family therapy, alcohol and substance use, eating disorders and psychotherapy.

Keen to jump on a plane and start your adventure? Be sure to check out our page dedicated to international nurses. We also have international teams based in the UK and Ireland who can answer all your questions and even help make the move.