COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce
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Thinking about signing up as an agency nurse and want to learn more?

If you're just starting out or haven’t worked for an agency before we would like to highlight all the benefits agency nursing has – from the lifestyle, to your professional development and much more. 

We love lists, so here are five ways that agency nursing can benefit your career and lifestyle:

1.    Travel



Want to live in a different city, state or country? Drum roll, agency nursing can help you spread your wings! With branches in 10 locations, you can choose from big city capitals or regional centres with a slower pace of life. We also recruit international nurses, mainly from the U.K. and Ireland – who get to spend two years (or longer) living the dream down under, and making the most of the sunshine, beaches and quality of life. 

2.    Work when it suits you



If you want the option to work when it suits you, based on your lifestyle agency nursing could be a perfect fit. You have the flexibility to choose your own shifts, hours, and even where you work. This is perfect if you only want to work a bit, or if you have other commitments you need to work around – like studying or family obligations.

3.    Get experience in different healthcare environments



Agency nursing is also great for getting exposed to different healthcare settings, s o you can broaden your experience and skills. You could be working in different departments and wards across public and private hospitals, or in a totally different environment like an aged care facility. All this adds up to an awesome opportunity to develop a broad range of skills and experience, which is a great boost to your CV.

4.    Develop your professional network



Working as an agency nurse is also a great way of developing your professional network. Getting exposure to different healthcare settings means you will get to know lots of healthcare staff. Besides becoming good mates, your network could help you get ahead – like a supervisor giving you a glowing referral and helping land that permanent position. 

5.    Higher pay rates



Yes, you heard right! Agency nursing tends to have higher pay rates than permanent positions. Besides giving you financial security, you can save for something special – like travelling – or put it away toward that nest egg.

As you can see, joining a nursing agency has some pretty cool benefits and ticks a lot of boxes. Whether you're looking for flexibility, exposure to different healthcare settings, networking opportunities, skill development, or higher pay rates - agency nursing may be a smart career move for you. 

Have questions? We have a whole section with answers to all your FAQs, or you can call us on 1300 034 494 for a chat.